Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Corporate Gift Caricature The Food Group

This was done for a Tom an executive who was retiring after 35 years from the Polly O Division of kraft Foods. Tom was an avid Golfer who insisted on wearing his old scuffed up "lucky " golf shoes. He was also a NY Yankees fan, and was famous for saying, It is, what it is" and "you cant Reinvent the wheel" . My First choice for the caricature was to incorporate the Polly O block of Cheese as a Footrest, calling attention to the golf shoes that you otherwise wouldnt notice as much, had he been drawn standing. The company must have felt that it was too revolting an image, and rejected it, in place of a normal footrest instead. They also requested I can the position of the Kraft Logo which I was sad to do since I felt having it at face level made it appear that he was a character on a Kraft Box of Macoroni, but I did change it. In Freelancing it's really important to comply with the clients requests even though as artists we have wilder ideas! The company was totally satisfied with the changes made, and so I live to create another piece of artwork for a great company.