Friday, November 21, 2008

Corporate Caricature for Whole Foods Corp

I was told that this Exec was retiring, had massive forearms, was a Packers fan who loved golf.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BET 106 & Park Video Music Show

These are two of seven caricatures I was commissioned to do for BET's 106 & Park Music show. T Pain and Jay Z were two of my faves so I posted them here

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trader Joes Sign

One of the great things about Trader Joe's besides the friendly service and the great food that you cant find anywhere else, is the fantastic hand painted signs that they commission artists to do from time to time. > I got an opportunity to paint one for their Hewlett location when trying out for a job. My assignment was to paint a catchy sign for their Trail Mix Product> I was given the copy and got immediately to work. They loved the sign, but couldn't hire me at the moment. I'd jump at the chance for working with them again, maybe better luck next time. and by the way, that Trail Mix tastes REALLY great!!!

I painted this sign directly on blackboard using paint markers of various thick nesses and even included a caricature of the stores Captain! He really got a kick out of that.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Subwaysurfer Gift Caricature Section

I frequently get requests from clients to do gift caricatures for business clients, friends, and love ones. I incorporate a person's favorite hobby, sayings, or aspirations, into the caricature once I gather all the info. Above all when Im doing this type of work I steer away from the SXTREME caricature style that i love, and instead make them look "better" than they look!
Here are a few examples of that work.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Exaggerated Features Magazine Article and Pictures

This caricature was used to accompany an article I wrote for the Caricature Industry magazine, "Exaggerated Features". I included additional illustrations for the captions as well, but space did not allow to print everything. Oh, well, that's how publishing is.
This is my second article I wrote for Exaggerated Features( I wrote/illustrated one previously in 2006 on "How to Subway Surf featured here also.) and I feel honored to be in it, especially when I consider the amount of raw talent the organization has among its membership. They like me! they really like me! sniff.... sob....whimper...
This Magazine is printed by the NCN The National Caricaturists Network
Sorry, ya gotta be a member to get it!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

WPSC 88.7 FM The Morning Blend Promotional Flyer

Promotional advertisinf Flyer I was commissioned for by the DJ's of The Morning Blend Radio program. Great assignment where I got a chance to caricature all of the zany hosts of the show.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Character Design For Caricature Artist Alison Gelbman and "Butchie" Da Dog Character Design

Caricature Artist, ALison Gelbman at has one of those personalities that practically "beg" to be animated. I plan on doing a short feature around her character one of these days and it took me months to come up with the perfect character design for her She goes by the moniker, "the Nice caricature artist" but can be pretty nasty sometimes based on mood.
Butchie, my dog, is another character that begs to be animated, and I chose toanimate his PERSONALITy... if that makes sense_ rather than do a literal exaggeration of hi. I like this design because its nice and comfact and i can see myself doing it EASILY something I learned the HARD way working with various animation producers.

backgrounds for "Castro's Funeral" Animated film for

character Desgns for "Castro's Funeral" Animated film for

Misc crowd scenes needed for the film. These were really great to do as I added friends, various people I sketched on the subway and even myself. This crowd scene was originally drawn for the opening sequenc of the fil where people are lined up in droves for the big funeral. The scene is supposed to end by showing celebs, mistresses,etc. the illos had to be cut from the film as time and money dictated the decision. A shame too, because it took a looong time to draw this.

character Desgns for "Castro's Funeral" Animated film for

A couple of Castro's "friends" "welcome" him to Hell...Er... that's J Edgar Hoover in the lovely hat and sun dress...

character Desgns for "Castro's Funeral" Animated film for

The funniest thing about the Castro's Funeral series is that Castro didnt die as soon as we expected when I was approached by Howard Tirsky to design and layout the film in 2007. The animation team worked long and tirelessly to come out with the film just as Castro died , and we waited and waited and waited for that to happen, and it never did! We finally HAD to release the film before he died, fearing that some other creative person who beat us to the punch and ruin all of our hard work.

Here are various vinettes of castro