Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Character Design For Caricature Artist Alison Gelbman and "Butchie" Da Dog Character Design

Caricature Artist, ALison Gelbman at www.caricatureexpress.com has one of those personalities that practically "beg" to be animated. I plan on doing a short feature around her character one of these days and it took me months to come up with the perfect character design for her She goes by the moniker, "the Nice caricature artist" but can be pretty nasty sometimes based on mood.
Butchie, my dog, is another character that begs to be animated, and I chose toanimate his PERSONALITy... if that makes sense_ rather than do a literal exaggeration of hi. I like this design because its nice and comfact and i can see myself doing it EASILY something I learned the HARD way working with various animation producers.

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