Thursday, January 3, 2008

Larger than Life Roughs and comic

Last year I did some webcomics /storyboards for author Nathan Scott's, series Larger than Life. It was a fun project where I was given a lot of freedom in designing the look of the characters and the pacing of the storylines. Just found one of the original roughs hiding in the ole drawing pad.

I also have included here an excerpt from the "computer" episode. Nathan had this concept where "sweet Gee", Seven's computer, gets a mysterious computer virus. Seven's friend, "Boye," a Japanese computer whizkid(drawn in the Chibi style)fixes Gee a little TOO good, and the boys get sucked literally into the computer hardrive and enter that computerized world. Now this is not an "original" story, I admit, but I had a great opportunity to play around with a lot of those "useless" filters in photoshop and it really helped to enhance the story. I remember reading a scott mccloud article about doing this and it was great fun. Im definitely going to revisit this concept.

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